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Electronic Checking

Electronic Check Services

Check Guarantee Service
Guarantee checks within our unique system.

Check Re-Presentment Service
Protect yourself from bounced checks with our Check Re-Presentment Service.

Check Recovery Collectors Service
FREE check collections by our commited and experienced sales staff.

Check Conversion Service
Simple and easy way to handle your cash flow with our Check Conversion Service.

Check Verification Service
Avoid bad checks with our Check Verification Service.

Electronic Check Services:

Electronic Check Services is the most efficient way of saving you money and heartache due to non sufficient funds. Using a check has become a simplistic as using paper money or a credit card. It also is more cost efficient for the Merchant as well.

- Quicker Processing of Checks
- Both funds can be converted into your bank account as well as the location of purchase.
- Checks are automatically deposited into your account and check balancing is much easier.
- Quicker response time to Non sufficient funds and can be recovered quicker.
- Minimizes fraud from check writer
- Stops lost or stolen checks
- Verifies checks at no cost to you
- Reports through all POS systems and Check Readers

Electronic checking makes it easy for online businesses to add an electronic check payment option to their Web site. Customers who wish to pay for a purchase with an electronic check can simply select the electronic check option and enter the requested bank account information.

The data is encrypted using SSL encryption technology and transmitted to a secure server for posting. Transactions are automatically settled each day. Then, the system debits the consumer's account via the Automated Clearing House (ACH) and transfers the funds to the merchant's account. If the account numbers are entered incorrectly or the account has insufficient funds, the merchant is notified.