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Accepting Major Credit Cards

Accept Credit Cards

How do I accept credit cards at my business?

Becoming a merchant is a very simple process and can be handled by filling out our pre-application form and we can guide you through the rest. You will be able to accept credit cards, debit cards and checks in no time.

The application process begins when you complete our on-line pre-application form or contact us by phone. When you begin by completing the pre application, we call you on the same day or following day to obtain additional information and verify a few facts. After we speak to you on the phone, we send out your application package overnight. This is for the conventional based merchant account.

Then depending if you are a retail establishment or online merchant we will set you up with an online solution or POS system in place to start accepting credit cards, checks and debit.

Typically the process takes 24-48 hrs and is dependent on what type of merchant account structure you choose. Please call and verify or fill out the online form and we can answer those questions for you.

Yes, a few applications are declined. Statistically over 95% of applications we receive are approved, however, so unless you have serious credit problems or operate a business that we don't approve (adult content, drug paraphernalia, etc.) you will likely be approved. We obtain a credit report on each merchant.