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Credit Card Processing

Credit Card Processing Info

Credit Card Processing

• Visa
• MasterCard
• American Express
• Discover
• Carte Blanche
• Diners

Debit Card Processing

• Maestro
• Interlink
• Star System
• Pulse

Check Processing

• Electronic Check Conversion*
• ACH Checking
• Check Guarantee
• Online Checks
• Electronic Funds Transfer

Collection Services

• Traditional Check Collections
• Electronic Re-Presentment
• Licensed in all 50 States

Customer Service

• 24 Hours a Day
• 7 Days a Week Incl. Holidays
• Toll-Free Access
• Web-Based Support

Internet Financial Portal

• E-Commerce Enabled Web Site
• Online Transaction History
• Online Bank Account Access
• National Business Directory

Your Choice of "Front End" Transaction Entry Options

• Point of Sale Terminals
• Online Website
• PC Software
• Via Laptop
• Browser-Based Virtual Terminals
• Touch Tone Telephone
• Fax Machine
• Cell Phone Processing

* Electronic Check Conversion - Paper checks are converted to electronic items, so you don't have to deposit them at your bank.

What do I need to accept credit cards at my business?

You don't need anything special to accept credit cards at your business. We approve 98% of applications for U.S. businesses. While there are a few types businesses that we do not approve, we DO approve retailers, service businesses, mail order, telephone order, Internet, home-based businesses and multi-level marketing businesses.

Here is 5 steps to start accepting Credit Cards for Processing:

1. First you must take the initiative and do some research for a credit card processing company who is legitimate and can provide good fees and great customer support at any time. Some people would rather save a few bucks and sacrifice good customer support. I would rather have great customer support with a legitimate company for downtime issues etc. Also, determine if you are high risk, retail or online merchant by asking one of our sales agents.

2. Once you have established a repore with a legitimate company they will ask you information about yourself and business information as well. This can be first completed by filling out an online application or calling our 800 number. They will contact you and finish the application process and determining fees.

3. if you are an online merchant or retail merchant you need a system to accept your types of payments at your location or via the Internet.

4. The sales team will have run your application and the underwriters will determine your status and help you download the software into the terminal at your place of business or set your online system in place to start accepting credit cards and checks.

5. Good Luck! You are now accepting payments either online or retail and enjoy the successes of being a business owner and merchant.

Internet Merchant

You will use a payment gateway, shopping cart or virtual terminal to run your transactions depending on your products and location status.

Retail Merchant

You will be using a Credit Card terminal or PC software system that will run your transactions at your business locations. Visit our store and we can help determine the best POS solution for your business.