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Wireless Credit Card Processing

Did you know that you can accept credit cards using your cell phone? Yes its true, processing Visa, MasterCard and other major credit cards is possible. Read the information below and learn how! Only $19 Setup Fee

Wireless Credit Card Processing Info

Credit card processing is as easy as bringing a wireless portable device, such as a pos terminal or cell phone, with you to any location and running a credit card transaction. Tip: With a wireless pos terminal you get the same discount rate as you would with a regular brick and mortar account.

How to accept Credit Cards using a Cell phone. 

You can now accept credit cards using your cell phone. You can now have the ability to accept credit cards anywhere that you have a phone signal. You can also accept checks as well using your cell phone. With the technology today and advances in this industry the ability to be in business is truly a reality. The on the move business is so mainstream in the marketplace with tradeshows, flea markets, outside tent events, Carpet Cleaning, Locksmiths and much more. The Cell Phone for accepting credit cards is a must have for the entrepreneur in you. 


The Touch Pay allows access to mobile processing without purchasing an expensive POS system. If you are concerned of the uncertainty of your monthly volume and are trying to keep start up costs low the touch pay system is for you. All the transactions you accept are usually deposited into your account within 24-48 hours.

How Long does the application process take?

Most of the applications are approved on the same day or next day. You can begin processing credit cards by filling out our simple inquiry form and we will contact you immediately.

Simple Solution:

You can use any type of phone solution to use our touch pay system. Here are some of the benefits the merchant obtains and enjoys using Touch-Pay.

1. Anyone can use the system as long as you have a phone. (Save$$$$ on not having to buy a POS system)
2. Process Higher amounts then the competitors
3. Keep track of all your statements (mailed monthly)
4. 24 hour support
5. Online track reporting
6. Easy to use quick touch entry

Are there any hidden fees?

No hidden or unnecessary fees involved. What you see is what you get with our touch pay system. 

No Time Contracts!
No Termination Fee!
No Cancellation Fee!

Cost Comparison Chart

Below is a wireless credit card processing cost comparison chart of our fees and the competitors:

Option 1: (Lower Setup Fee)   Sign Up Now

Fee Comparison  Touch-Pay Touch Tone Competitor
Account Setup: $19 $75 - $150
Application Fee: None $50 - $100
Discount Rate: *2.19%  2.45 - 2.90%
Per Transaction Fee: .65 $0.35 - $0.50
Phone Processing Fee: None $0.75 - $1.20
Batch Fee: None $0.35 - $0.50
Monthly Statement Fee: $8.99 $10 - $15
Monthly Minimum: None $15 - $25
Online Reporting: Free $5 - $10/mo
Contract: None  1 - 3  years
Cancellation Fee: None $250
Monthly Max Processing Limit: $25,000 - $35,000/mo. $5000/mo.

Option 2: (Lower % rate)  Sign Up Now

Fee  Touch-Pay Option 2
Account Setup: $29
Application Fee: None
Discount Rate: 3.85% 
Per Transaction Fee: None
Per Call (DialPay) Fee: None
Batch Fee: None
Monthly Statement Fee: $8.99
Monthly Minimum: None
Contract/Agreement:  Does have a 2 yr agreement.
Monthly Max Processing Limit: $25,000 - $35,000/mo.

  What is Wireless Processing? 

Many businesses in various mobile industries may find wireless credit card processing very appealing. These might include those involved in maintenance or delivery services to homes, towing companies, food delivery, transportation services, tradeshows, etc.

With mobile commerce, you don't need a phone jack or electrical outlet, and transactions basically take only a few seconds to complete.

Wireless credit card processing using your cell phone is available in retail form (to swipe cards) or for real-time keyed in transactions.

Tip: You as a merchant will ALWAYS save money if you swipe rather than key in transactions.  

Wireless Links 

   Federal Wireless Users Forum (FWUF)
   Joint Wireless Working Group (JWWG)
   Secure Terminal Equipment (STE)

   GSM Countries and Service Providers

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