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Nurit 8000 Terminal

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  • It’s the smallest full-featured hand-held terminal available today.
  • Wireless technology keeps you mobile but always connected.
  • A backlit keyboard and large graphical backlit display are easy to read in the dark, and an optional intuitive touch screen interface makes learning and operating easy.
  • Customer-activated operation means consumers hang onto their cards.
  • Built-in PIN pad and optional smart card reader protects both you and your customers.
  • Optional Infra-Red (IrDa) port.
  • Can handle multiple payment types: credit, debit, T&E, EBT, check verification, guarantee and truncation, pre-paid cards, loyalty/gift cards, smart cards and proprietary cards.

Nurit Apps™

  • Web-enabled back-office functions improve reporting and management.
  • Electronic signature capture speeds the transaction and archives the image.
  • Customizable software lets you develop applications for doing business your way.
  • "Store and forward" provides offline capture and future upload of transaction information, enabling continued operation even in low or no coverage areas.
  • Age verification software.



Display Large 128 x128 pixel graphical backlit (2.25 x 2.25 inch) display
Keypad 18-key backlit keypad (no overlay needed)
Programmable function keys
Printer 12.5 line per sec graphical thermal printer
Microprocessor 32-bit RISC (ARM)
Memory 2MB Flash memory for software
512KB RAM for transactions
(battery backed up)
Dialup Connectivity Options asynchronous
(using external mini modem)
Wireless Connectivity Options Infra-red (IrDA) interface
GSM, CDPD, Motient, Mobitex
Peripheral Ports RS-232 (comm port)
Four general purpose data I/O ports
Card Reader Dual track reader (track 1&2)
PIN pad Internal
Optional Features Touch screen
Smart card reader & 2 user accessible SAMs
External 1200/2400/14400 bps mini modem
Headset for voice communication on GSM radio modem
Track 2&3 card reader
Up to 4MB of Flash memory for software
Up to 2MB of RAM for transactions
Docking Station 14,400 modem
Built in charger for extra battery pack
2 x RJ 11 ports for phone line
RS232 port


Physical / Electrical

Dimensions 3.23in (H) x 4.26in (W) x 9.06in (D)
Weight 1.2 lbs. (including paper roll & battery pack)
Voltage UL approved AC/DC adapter 8.4Vdc / 1A


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