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LIPMAN (252) Pinpad

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LIPMAN (252)Pinpad

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The Nurit 252 Pin Pad

The NURIT 202 and smart card reader NURIT 252 are advanced, easy-to-use hand-held PIN Pads allowing for protected debit/credit and smart card transactions.
Lipman's new rugged and reliable PIN Pads accept personal identification numbers (PINs) while encrypting these numbers for security purposes. The PIN Pads thus serves as an 'electronic signature' in finalizing a particular retail transaction. PIN Pads NURIT 202 and 252 support the Derived Unique Key Per Transaction (DUKPT) and other recognized industry standards providing enhanced security and management levels.

As the retail world enters the 'electronic wallet' era, smart cards are now being used world-wide for payment at point-of-sale providing added protection against fraudulent usage.
The Nurit 252 supports numerous smart card applications such as electronic purse, frequent shopper retailing, health and social care and entertainment and travel services.

This PIN pad offers a simple-to-use keypad and easy-to-follow one or two-line instructional prompts appearing on the unit's bright alphanumeric LCD display.

The NURIT 202 or NURIT 252 are an elegant and sophisticated PIN Pad for your business!


Accepts smart cards for all types of POS applications
Includes an easy-to-read, 2-line/16 characters per line alphanumeric LCD display
Operates as a secure PIN pad
Complies with ISO encryption standards
Card authentication using RSA algorithm
Very small hand-held or table-top footprint
Fully compatible with Lipman's and other manufacturer's POS terminals
Supports asynchronous smart cards as well as synchronous memory cards
Simple user-friendly operation

(blue text for the 2090)
Smart card acceptance interface

Conforms to ISO 7816-1,2,3


Software controlled DES and DUKPT key management __ EEPROM chip key storag


Display: 2-line/16 characters per line alphanumeric LCD

Keypad: 16 keys; reliable, ergonomically designed

Memory: 8 KByte RAM; 64 KByte ROM and EEPROM for multiple key storage

Host interface

Connector: 4-pin RJ-11C for power and data communication

Power: 6 to 14 volts DC at less than 30 mA

Data interface: Compatible with V.24/RS-232 signal levels; Asynchronous serial (7/8 data bits, even/no parity), 1200 bps default, 300 to 19,200 bps selectable.


Size: 2.4 x 7.15 x 17.38 cm (H x W x L)

Weight: 190 g

Nurit 252 Pin Pad


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